You Beta Believe It

Hello, everyone!
Bayohne here, finally taking a break from the PlayStation 4 Beta to remind you that...the PlayStation 4 Beta has kicked off! Have you been playing?

Project Manager M sent me some pictures of her character running around Gridania before I could even finish patching!

If you were there in Eorzea on day one for A Realm Reborn, it probably feels very nostalgic seeing all your fellow adventurers decked out in their starting gear!

In Limsa Lominsa, with so many marauders wielding axes... things could look a bit chaotic (to say the least)!

Want to participate in the Beta? Anyone that owns a PlayStation 4 can join in! Simply download the Beta from the PlayStation Store and join today!

Visit the PlayStation®4 Product Page for more info!

By the way, we've been reading the forums and things like Twitter comments from our Beta participants, and it seems like quite a lot of the game's features aren't very well known!

We'll be sure that we introduce some handy features on the blog!

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