A Realm Retrospective

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here again with an update on Yoshida's talk at the Game Developers Conference this past March!

As you may recall, Yoshida hosted a session at this year's GDC titled "Behind the Realm Reborn." As GDC is an industry event, it can be a bit tough to share some of the information publicly.

However, GDC does post some of their talk sessions online for free and Yoshida's session was selected!

We encourage you to visit the GDC Vault and watch the previously recorded presentation for a peek into the development of A Realm Reborn, as well as a discussion on the failures of version 1.0 that led to the drastic rebirth of FINAL FANTASY XIV!

Watch the English-language version of the recording.
You can also watch the original Japanese-language version.

After the presentation, Yoshida took some time to sign for the fans that attended. (How many staff members does it take to hold a shirt that needs to be signed...?)

He also took a group shot with the GDC staff that helped with the event!
But I'm sure this slide is probably close to how he felt after the presentation was finished...

- Bayohne (wishes he could've attended!)