Escape Reality, Live the Fantasy

Greetings, everyone!
The special in-game event, The Rising, is fully underway to celebrate the second anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XIV. If you have yet to participate, there are a lot of fantastic reward items as well as a very special area to explore, so I highly recommend checking it out.

You can read up on all the event particulars on the special event site.

"Wait, did he just say a special area?" That's right -- once you progress through event, you'll be able to visit a magical place known as "The Eighteenth Floor," which is a location that plays homage to the Developer's Room from FINAL FANTASY IV.
(Fun fact: The area is named "The Eighteenth Floor" because that is the floor of the Square Enix office in Tokyo where the FFXIV development team works.)

The rest of this blog is going to contain spoilers on what (and who) can be found in the Eighteenth Floor, so if you haven't completed the quest yet and want to relish the surprise, I suggest coming back to read this blog entry later after you are finished.

Let's see how close to reality they made the different sections of the Eighteenth Floor!

First up is the Producer's Office.

The décor is slightly different, but it certainly does look like Yoshi-P's office with him hard at work.

Next is the Sound Studio.

I can't even tell which Soken is real and which is in-game!

Finally, we arrive at the desk of Nobuaki Komoto.

Perhaps he cleaned up some of the bottles from his desk for this picture...

This event is filled to the brim with awesome, and you'll also be able to obtain a Wind-up Icehart and Wind-up Yugiri upon clearing the quest to add to your growing minion collection. The Rising ends on September 7, so be sure to experience the fun!