One Primal, Two Primal, Red Primal, Blue Primal

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here, excited to play quizmaster for adventurers the world over!

You see, on New Year's Eve in Japan, there was a special NicoNico Toukaigi show that Yoshi-P was a guest on! The special featured developers from across Japan and even hosted a bit of trivia. Since I'm sure you're all keen on FFXIV-related trivia, I wanted to see if you knew the correct answer to the FFXIV question. It's a tough one!

Question: As of Patch 3.15, how many primals can you fight in total?
A: 13
B: 14
C: 15
D: 27

And the answer is... (Be careful of story-related spoilers!)

C: 15! Did you answer it correctly?

Let's count them up:
1. Ifrit
2. Titan
3. Garuda
4. Good King Moggle Mog XII
5. Leviathan
6. Ramuh
7. Shiva
8. Phoenix
9. Bahamut
10. Odin
11. Ravana
12. Bismarck
13. Enkidu
14. Thordan
15. Alexander

Though there are 13 enemies to face off against in The Singularity Reactor, only Thordan is a primal while his 12 knights are simply "blessed" by him. That question was pretty tough (and only some people at work got it right, too...)!

Before we end this blog, I do want to remind everyone that Heavensturn will be coming to an end soon!

Read up on the details and take part before the event is over!

Also, if you have yet to do so, be sure to read Yoshida's New Year's greeting as he always has something interesting to say each year! (Including a look at some Patch 3.2 spoilers!)

Here's to another exciting year for FINAL FANTASY XIV!

- Bayohne

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