A Cushy Lifestyle

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here with—

What the...

Uh oh, looks like one of the fat cat plushes escaped!

You can tell that a lot of love went into stuffing this pillow-type plush! (It looks extremely spoiled to be honest.)

Oh, great. Now the goobbue plush is out of his cage! He's not as "rotund" as the fat cat, but he's definitely just as soft!

The goobbue plush is great because if he takes your seat then... can use him a plush backrest pillow!

Another hidden feature of the fat cat is that it will provide a high-level of emotional support when you hug it! (Please note that its level of emotional support can't be easily quantified.)

Starved for storage space for these two plump plushes?
Never fear, because the goobbue can use the fat cat as a mount! We're all about verticality here.

Aw, so cute, the fat cat loves the wayward hatchling!

Excited about taking these two home with you? Good news! They're available for pre-order on the Square Enix Online Store now!

Plush Cushion Goobbue
Plush Cushion Fat Cat

I can't wait to take these home with me!
- Bayohne

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