An Interface Lift

Hello again, adventurers!

Luxpheras here, anxiously awaiting the return of that legend that everyone keeps talking about. As previously announced, Patch 4.1--The Legend Returns is scheduled for release in early October.

The patch will bring new main scenario quests, Return to Ivalice, squadron content, and much more. What are you looking forward to most?

It's all of the above and then some for us! I always get jitters prior to a new patch, and that's no different today: I'm itching to try out all the new content that was previewed on the recently launched Patch 4.1 special site. Check that out if you missed it!

But that's not why we're here! In addition to a plethora of new battle content, Patch 4.1 will bring a variety of updates to the user interface (UI), including some great quality of life changes!

Project Manager U in Japan was kind enough to share some exciting new info and screenshots with us, so let's take a look at what's in store.

① Selected Chat Mode is Now Saved
Have you ever noticed that every time you log in, chat mode is reset to /say? With 4.1, your active chat mode will be saved when you log out and back in again. (Wonderful! No more greeting my Free Company in /say every morning on accident!)

② Companion Improvements
Until now, there were no on-screen indicators that would let you know how long your companion chocobo had left to be out and about with you. As of 4.1, your bo's remaining time will be displayed on the party list--so useful!


Did you see that ... ?


That's right! You'll now be able to summon minions and chocobos at the same time! Your companion and your best friends, together at last. I know some of you out there don't summon minions very often, but there's no time like 4.1 to get the band together. ;)

Look at this blissful trio!


③ Party Finder - Simple Version
We made some improvements to the Party Finder display, and now you'll be able to use a simplified version. Here's a screenshot of what the simplified version looks like (showing a PvP custom match)!


This will make organizing alliances on the Party Finder so easy... I'm so excited!
Perhaps improvements made to the cross-world Party Finder will be revealed in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE...

④ Desynth Requirements Now Displayed
The desynthesis skill value will now be shown on the item details for quick reference!


And of course, this optimal value will show on the active Desynthesis window as well.


I haven't decided if this feature will make me more or less confident in my chances to successfully desyth though.

⑤ "Duty Action" categorized as a general action
The Duty Action, added in patch 4.0, will be categorized as a general action from patch 4.1, and you will now be able to set it on your hotbars!


Additionally, controller users will now able to toggle the Duty Action button on and off by pressing the L2 or R2 button + R3 button!


Once the Duty Action is turned off, even if the cross hotbar is active, you will still be able to trigger the function that's assigned to your R3 button! (Welcome back, focus target!)

Please don't forget to set this to your hotbars! Oh... Oh no...


That's not all... but I've got to leave some surprises for the others. I think we've still left out the "detailed, but pretty big" UI update, and the one that "everyone will like" per Yoshida in the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE.

So naturally...Please look forward to it, and keep an eye out for further announcements!

Apparently there are improvements here, there, and everywhere????


- Luxpheras
Community Team

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