A Well-Orchestrated Concert

Greetings, everyone!

Three weeks have passed since our very first FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestral Concert 2017 -Eorzean Symphony-! For those unable to attend, we'd love to share some details from this magical experience.

The production has been almost a year in the making, and was only made possible by the support of a variety of people at a variety of locations, as well as the support from you all as fans of the music of FINAL FANTASY XIV!

It was incredible to witness the support offered by the Warriors of Light who attended these performances. Soken, Yoshida, and the dev. team were all blown away. They mentioned that the standing ovations at the end of each show were moments they would never forget.

Speaking of unforgettable, let's show off some behind-the-scenes moments as well.

Here's Soken shaving just 20 minutes before the show begins.

Here's a photo taken during an interview featuring Nobuo Uematsu, Soken and Yoshida—three legends in one spot! Don't they look excited?

Soken and the always stunning Keiko.

After the show, we took a group photo with everyone who performed at the show, along with the conductor Hirofumi Kurita, and the "Mih Khetto Choir" as well. We're told that the mere thought of the stunning orchestra sounds paired with brilliant vocals cascading through the concert hall still gives some of our team the chills!

If you were unable to attend the live concerts in Japan, worry not! You can still experience the incredible orchestral versions of the music of FINAL FANTASY XIV.

The orchestral mini album CD contains a collection of arranged tracks from the very first full-orchestra FINAL FANTASY XIV concert! This mini album contains a total of eight songs selected from the A Realm Reborn, Before The Fall, Heavensward, and The Far Edge of Fate soundtracks arranged for the orchestra.

And for the full-fledged music aficionado, the Eorzean Symphony: FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestral Album on Blu-Ray! This album contains songs from the orchestra concert and you can enjoy special high-quality footage that mixes video from the performance and in-game footage.

Here's hoping for more Eorzean Symphony performances in the future!

- Luxpheras
Community Team

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