The Lord of the Wings

Greetings, everyone!

Patch 4.15 is right around the corner (Nov. 21st!) and today I'd like to introduce the new PvP encounter, Rival Wings!

Rival Wings is large-scale PvP involving up to 48 combatants where participants are divided into two teams, the Falcons and the Ravens. Check out the awesome team emblems!

Let's touch on the rules just a bit so you have an understanding of how the matches play out.

The objective is to destroy the opponent's core, which sounds pretty simple.

However, the core is protected by a magitek field emanating from two towers, so your first objective will be to destroy these two towers.

In Rival Wings, combatants will not only fight on foot, but also by controlling powerful machina.

There are three types of machine available in battle, one which specializes against enemy players and other machina, one which excels at wreaking havoc upon structures, such as towers and cores. The final type are specializes in both aspects, and it's powerful enough to dominate opposing players and crush their structures! Using machina efficiently is the key to victory.

Aside from the player-controlled machina, there are also NPC mammets—clockwork soldiers programmed to seek out and destroy towers and cores as well.

Here we have a steam cannon, a powerful weapon which will prove useful in deterring enemy forces.

This next one is a power generator. Combatants from either team can take control of the generator giving them an advantage in battle.

There are various components involved to ensure victory in Rival Wings, so players will need to make effective use of them to destroy their opponent's core!

Similar to the Battle High buff in the Frontline, we're introducing a new buff in Rival Wings called Soaring. Unlike Battle High, the Soaring buff gives a buff to not only those who KO an opponent, but to their entire party. All party members' damage dealt and HP restored is increased, while also reducing damage taken. Therefore, healers have a better chance to utilize these useful new buffs to support their fellow party members!

Here are some images from the development team's playtest with two full teams of 24.

And just to be clear, when the dev. team hosts a playtest... they go all out against each other!

They also go after some of the key staff members like Moriguchi from the Japanese PvP stream who is a fairly easy target thanks to his moogle glamour. Whenever the dev. team spots him, they focus target him down.

Next, moving onto the rewards from Rival Wings!

Check out this Mooglefell (Moriguchi) being carried by this new mount, it's cute and cool at the same time! Before you ask "How does it look with other races?"...we got you covered! While we'll hold off on showing everything, here's another sneak peek for those interested.

Rival Wings arrives on Tuesday, November 21 with the release of Patch 4.15! Get ready to get your hands dirty, crush your opponents, and claim victory on the battlefield!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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