All Orchestrated to Plan

Greetings, adventurers!

It's been a little over two months since the first Official FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestral Concert: Eorzean Symphony took place in Tokyo.

Whether you were one of the lucky attendees who got to experience these magical performances live, or a Warrior of Light like myself who tried to contain their envy without much success, I have good news: soon you'll be able to relive the experience of FINAL FANTASY XIV music brought to life by a full live orchestra.

The "Eorzean Symphony: FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestral Album" Blu-Ray is now on sale!


Format: 1 Blu-Ray Disc
Price: $69.99
• Ten FINAL FANTASY XIV songs in full-orchestra arrangement in high-quality audio with 5.0 channel sound
• Video footage of all 18 songs from the September 23rd FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestral Concert: Eorzean Symphony performance
• 26 total tracks from the performance and orchestrated versions of the songs in MP3 format
• In addition to 2.0ch playback for Blu-ray music, 5.0ch audio for "near" and "far" can also be selected. (Near: As heard from the conductor's position. Far: As heard from the seats at the rear of the concert hall.)

First-run bonuses:
• In-game item codes for the Orchestrion Rolls "Orchestra: Ultima" and "Orchestra: Heroes"
• Special Digipak case and a Mini Eorzean Symphony notebook while supplies last!

Check out the full performance of "Ultima" - consider it a teaser for what's in store:

"Ultima" just so happens to be my favorite track in the game, so I can't watch this without getting chills. It somehow brings me straight back to my first experience with that epic encounter back in A Realm Reborn!

And speaking of won't want to miss out on Susan Calloway's beautiful singing voice paired with the majestic sound of a full orchestra behind her. Attendees and staff alike were moved to tears during "Answers" and "Dragonsong"...and who can blame them?




As mentioned earlier, one of the bonus items you can receive in the first run of this Blu-Ray is a Mini Eorzean Symphony notebook.



As if that was not enough to excite you, allow me to share another short preview video that helps capture the atmosphere of these performances:

Order your copy today so you can be just like Soken!


Until next time!

- Luxpheras
Community Team

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