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Many of you may be anticipating the addition of the second Deep Dungeon, Heaven-on-High, right? Or perhaps you're eagerly awaiting some more Hildibrand adventures? But wait, there's more! Typically, we save our larger system-related quality of life updates for major patches, but we've got something very useful coming in Patch 4.35!


The results from the item search function (using the "Search for Item" submenu, or the /itemsearch text command) will now appear in their own window.

Under the direction of Hiroshi Minagawa of the UI Team, the team has made some improvements to the item search feature so that items can be located easier, because more storage locations have been added to the game recently. We've got retainers, the armoire, saddlebags, the glamour dresser... So many places to search!

And don't fret, these results will also still show up in the text log as usual.


And there's actually one more thing that is slightly different.


FFXIV stores all sorts of important information such as character levels and inventory on the server, but detailed information such as where the item is stored and how many you have gets stored in the client cache.

For that reason, the item search function isn't communicating with the server for your item data, but rather checking through your cached data on the PC or PS4. As a result, if you play on multiple platforms, or access your account from another machine, your stored cache data could provide an outdated result.

In Patch 4.35, we're adding information to display if your cache data for the item search is new or not.


Storage locations marked by a red ? mark have not been updated since your last login. In order to retrieve the information, you'll need to access the storage (for example, calling forth your retainer, or opening up your chocobo saddlebag). Storage that is up-to-date and ready to be searched will display with a green mark.)



For those who only play FFXIV on a single platform, you won't need to worry about ? or , so just use the feature as usual!

Please note that the mobile FFXIV Companion App (scheduled for release in late July) will come equipped with features to sort your inventory and access the market board, so using these app features would also be considered as logging in from another machine. You may have use for the new system after all!

We hope that this quality of life update will help you out when searching for that one... single... item that you just cannot figure out where you left last... Enjoy! And don't forget, Patch 4.35 is set to release on July 3, 2018!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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