Preppin' for Pagos


As you know, Patch 4.36 releases tomorrow and introduces some exciting new things that adventurers have been waiting anxiously for! While we count down the hours until release, I wanted to share some details surrounding the next installment of the Forbidden Land of Eureka, the Pagos expedition!

Before we dive into Pagos...

Heads up! While you don't need to be elemental level 20 to enter Pagos, you will need to have completed the Anemos story line by finishing the final quest (available at elemental level 17).


Adventurers who have yet to enter Eureka will be glad to know that there are challenge log objectives that reward you with elemental experience points to help with leveling. Furthermore, we made adjustment to help you earn more elemental exp in Anemos compared to before. So what are you waiting for? Now's the time to begin your journey into Eureka!


Let the Pagos Expedition Begin!

Players will be able to enter Pagos by speaking to Rodney, who you can find standing near Pier #1 in Kugane.



Upon arrival, you'll immediately feel the chill of the cold winter environment, so be sure to dress appropriately!

You'll encounter various monsters on our journey, but be sure to take some time to take in the scenery while exploring! Also, you may want to let sleeping monsters lie?


These guys don't look very sleepy, so maybe try and avoid situations where you may be surrounded...


Eureka veterans will be pleased to hear that the friendly elementals will return to grant more helpful enhancements.

Players will also come across...


These adorable happy bunnies! When you meet certain conditions, they'll start following you and will give hints as to the location of buried coffers!


Their cute cries will surely lead the Warriors of Light to these hidden treasures!

That's a brief look at Pagos, so be sure you're ready to go once the patch releases on Tuesday, August 7!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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