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Greetings, everyone!

It's been two weeks since the release of the Forbidden Land, Eureka Pagos, and the Great Hunt! We hope you are all enjoying them! Even though we've recently added new content, the dev. team is already working on finalizing Patch 4.4 (releasing in mid-September!)!

Our counterparts in Japan went undercover to see what the user interface team has been working on and noticed several updates aside from the previously announced server-side config data save feature. So today, we'll go over a few of these!

Changes to the Collectables Items
Collectables will now show the collectables mark on the item icon itself.


Until now, you had to hover over each of the items and check the item name to see if they were a collectable or not, but this change will save you that hassle!


Hmm, something else seemed different in that screenshot. That's right, you'll be able to see your entire inventory once again in a new expanded view option! Please note that this view is limited to the Windows (DirectX 11) and PlayStation®4 versions.

Update to the Mount and Minion List
I can't wait to show off the new minion I just received!

Opens the Minion Guide it...!?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that had trouble locating their recently obtained mounts and minions inside those huge collections. We have now added a mark for newly obtained minions and mounts, and favorites!


A mark will be shown on the mount/minion icons and their tab number to indicate the 10 newest mounts and minions you obtained.


We're also adding a search feature to the mounts and minions as well.


You can search by names or words found within descriptions. Perfect for times when you forgot the name of the mount, but know which beast tribe it's from, and so forth!

Update to the Emote List
The emote list will also have a favorites list, and a history feature that will display the six recently used emotes. This information will be maintained even when you log out of the game.


It may seem like a small change, but we're sure it'll prove to be a useful update for adventurers!

That is all we have for now for UI-related updates coming in Patch 4.4. We're planning to reveal new information and live gameplay from Patch 4.4 in the upcoming Letter from the Producer LIVE on August 31st. We may be able to show live gameplay for some of these UI-related updates as well, so please look forward to it!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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