All Adventurers Quake During All Saints' Wake

Greetings, adventurers!

The All Saints' Wake seasonal event will return once again on Thursday, October 18th! Whether you're looking to explore The Haunted Manor or simply add some spooky flair to your house, this year's event will surely be a treat!


As you may know, All Saints' Wake means the return of the Continental Circus in Gridania. What plans do they have this year!? We hope there are as many treats as there are tricks!

Be sure to partake in the event and check it out yourself!

Eager adventurers will be excited to earn the following items during the event.

We have the Little Yin and Little Yang minions



There will also be a few housing additions allowing you to create a haunted house of your own! We have the Pumpkin Pastry Platter, Pumpkin Party Pennants, and the Familiar Pawprints. And don't worry, whichever creature left these pawprints behind is not included.


Check out the special website to learn more about the All Saints' Wake event!

We're also currently planning another All Saints' Wake themed contest this year. Details will be announced later on the Lodestone, so keep an eye out like an Ahriman!

- Ridrina
Community Team

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