And It Burns, Burns, Burns

Greetings, adventurers!

Patch 4.45 approaches, bringing with it the Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros. A sneaky project manager went undercover to investigate what's to come next Tuesday, using their elite stealth skills they developed in Pagos.

Here's what they revealed!

Before heading into Pyros...

As per usual, there are some requirements for entering these forbidden lands. In order to explore Pyros, you'll need to have completed the Eureka Pagos story.

Additionally, as with Anemos after the release of Pagos, an experience buff will be applied when entering Pagos after Patch 4.45 is released. So if you're almost there but not quite, you'll be able to get to Pyros in no time!

Onwards, to Pyros!

As per usual, you can enter The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros by speaking with Rodney at Pier #1 in Kugane. Once you've prepared the body and mind for the challenge ahead, speak with definitely-not-a-Thancred-impersonator and head on in!

What lies within? Will it be a winter wonderland, with the icy atmosphere of Pagos?


Perhaps not... because last I checked, Pyros is ancient Greek for...



Phew, breathing becomes difficult when you're surrounded by thick clouds of hot air. It would seem that the monsters inhabiting this area have found their own ways to adapt...


Pyros Diary, Page 32... The chimeras have yet to discover that I am not one of them.

But I digress.

Introducing the new Logos Action system

Let's talk about the new systems coming with Pyros.

A Logos action is a new type of duty action available in Eureka Pyros, available to you regardless of role restrictions. These can only be used in Pyros and the next iteration of Eureka, but you'll be able to use them as soon as you enter Pyros!

With these new actions, you could revive or heal as a black mage, provoke and mitigate damage as a ninja, or maybe...

Could I live my dream as the ever elusive white mage tank? I can't wait to find out!


Hmm... but how? Allow me to explain further.

Logos actions will require crystals known as logograms. You'll be able to obtain these unidentified crystals in various ways and bring them to the NPC Drake, who has come all this way from the North Shroud to Eureka Pyros on business.


Drake will appraise these logograms, which you will then store in your Logos Manipulator.


The Logos Manipulator will serve almost as a blender. Select the logograms you wish to use as materials in the Logos Manipulator and...


Extract an action!


The action you extract will then be added to the list of acquired Logos actions.


You won't be able to use the Logos action quite yet, though. In order to access this newfound power, you'll need to click on the Logos Action Window, and assign it as a duty action.



You'll be able to store up to three Logos actions at a time! You can also overwrite your selected duty action so that you can try out something else. With so many combinations available, you'll be able to create rather creative roles for yourself in Pyros.

Feeling insatiable? Power-hungry? Is a single duty action per slot not enough? Of course it isn't, you're the Warrior of Light. We've got you covered.


As you progress in the Eureka Pyros story, you'll be able to improve the logos manipulator so that you produce two logos actions simultaneously!



The two extracted actions will be registered as a pair when you select them as a duty action.

With three sets of multiple Logos actions, the possibilities are nearly endless! Try out all sorts of builds as you adventure through Pyros, finding what works best for you.

A proven Warrior of Light who can wield the power of these logos actions...

Just what is it that could await such a formidable hero at the Ring of Fire...?


Until next time!

- Luxpheras
Community Team

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