Can't Read Mah Mahjong Face

Hello, Ridrina here reporting live from the Gold Saucer! Okay not really, but that's beside the point.

Shadowbringers is on the horizon and we are so close to the official release! Amid the plethora of new content, Doman Mahjong will also be receiving a few updates of its own!

I'd like to introduce a few of the new additions to Doman Mahjong that will be included in these updates!

■ Character Portrait Display

It's finally here...


Your character's face will be...


...displayed in Doman Mahjong!


You've heard of poker face, but have you heard of Mahjong face? It looks like you can even set different emotes/expressions to throw your opponents off!

■ Option to Cancel Calls

You now have the option to cancel Calls such as [Pon], [Chi] or [Kan] when they appear. Right-clicking anywhere on the screen other than the Call button will also cancel. Seems useful for the indecisive!


■ Resetting Rank/Rating

There will also be a new feature that resets your rating. If you have one of those slumps where you just can't seem to win, have no fear! After all, you have to keep that orchestrion roll in sight, right?

On the flipside, if your rating is high, be careful as this will completely reset both your rank and rating!


■ Adjustments to Winning Hands

A number of adjustments have been made to winning hands.
*We'll be using a lot of Doman Mahjong terms here. If you get confused, you can speak to the Mahjong Tutor in the Gold Saucer to learn what these terms mean!

・ Furiten Notification
The game will now notify you when you are in furiten.


In this image, we need an 8 of characters tile, which was unfortunately discarded.
The two conditions that put you in furiten are:

・A tile in your discard pile could be used to complete your hand.
・You did not call a tile your opponent discarded when it could have been used to complete your hand.

This situation fits the former condition, and so we cannot call ron due to furiten.


・Ron Priority
When a player can call ([Pon], [Chi], [Ron], etc.), and another who could complete a hand, if someone selects [Ron], they will be prioritized over any players that could potentially call [Pon] or [Chi].

・Auto-Hand Completion Feature
If there's a winning tile when you're in riichi or tenpai, you will be able to automatically complete your hand with ron/tsumo.


It's particularly useful when it allows you to complete a hand in riichi!
*This feature will be turned off after every round.


The dev. team plans to continue updating Doman Mahjong when they can, so we hope you'll take a break from adventuring and give it a shot, even after the release of Shadowbringers!

- Ridrina
Community team

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