Sneak Peek into the EU Media Event

Hello, Warriors of Lii--Darkn... adventurers!

It's Lakukisu with the inside scoop on the media event we held in London in two weeks ago.

First things first, the location (Barbican Centre in London) gave us very Crystarium-y vibes!



Coincidence..? I think not!


Over the course of three days, we had circa 70 attendees from all over Europe and Japan. Each day started with a presentation deep diving into Shadowbringers.


After hearing about the cool details of 5.0, it was all about the interviews and, of course, trying out 5.0!

The interview room was very nicely decorated in-line with the Shadowbringers theme.


And the Gunbreaker costume was displayed as well!


But, where's the gunblade?


Oh! Should've guessed!

In the gaming area, you could scout the Crystarium while being in... the Crystarium - if you get my gist!


In the crafts area you could create light catchers or light jars that cast cool shadows!

Image from iOS (3).jpg

Image from iOS (6).jpg

All in all the EU Media Event was fantastic! I hope you are all looking forward to the release of 5.0!

In the meantime, see you in Hydaelyn!

Community Team

P.S. As I was writing this, I came to the realisation that Shadowbringers is only 34 days away! And you know what that means; 34 days = 816 hours = a little over 2,9 million seconds!

P.P.S. This was Yoshi-P after the media event. I think he's counting the seconds too!


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