Tomestone Raider

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here to share a sneak peek at our upcoming event that kicks off tomorrow - Moogle Treasure Trove - The Hunt for Philosophy!

The Moogle Treasure Trove is a special event with no set schedule. During this event players will be collecting irregular tomestones which they can exchange at Itinerant Moogles for their valuable treasures!

What kind of treasures, you ask?

First, let me get into the treasure hunting mindset. I just need to equip a light blue top, switch to machinist, and pull on some adventurer's slops. Ready!

Treasures include new items, rare mounts, minions, and treasure maps which are guaranteed to produce a portal (this is great for someone like me with bad luck on portals)! You can pick and choose which treasure you want to exchange for, so don't miss this chance!

There's one special treasure though. This one is brand-new and some of you may have noticed Rowena sporting this accessory...


A Namazu earring! It's a must have for glamour enthusiasts that want to show off in style!

You can participate in this special event in three easy steps:
1) Take on the objectives listed for the event
2) Collect irregular tomestones of philosophy
3) Exchange the tomestones for items through Itinerant Moogles

And that's it! Easy enough, right?

Just remember, you can't obtain irregular tomestone if you use the undersized party option, when joining or leaving a party in progress, so be careful!

The event goes on for a month until the launch of Patch 5.0. Use this opportunity to level up your various jobs, or help out a new adventurer, or even collect items to add to your glamour collection! And don't give up, as the Moogies saying goes, a Moogie never say give up!

Head on over to the Moogle Treasure Trove website for more information.

We hope you'll enjoy this special event!

- Zhexos! No Captain Zhexos!
Community Team

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