Don't Stop Believin' - Journeys the Arrangement Album Is Out!

Hello, adventurers!

We have some great news for you, Journeys: FINAL FANTASY XIV Arrangement Album is out now!


This Blu-ray disc album has pretty much everything you could hope for; piano arrangements performed by Keiko, and the band arrangements by THE PRIMALS!

Check out the special website for the track list.
(It's in Japanese, but it will treat you with music samples and the track list is in English.)

Talk about a beautiful arrangement...

Crimson Sunrise was included in the "Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY XIV" album that was released earlier this year, but the new version lets you enjoy this powerful, yet delicate performance by Shakuhachi artist Yoshimi Tsujimoto, together with footage from the Tokyo Fan Festival!

Journeys also contains a collaborative piece combining Keiko's heavenly piano performance with Susan Calloway's vocals. Now, that's a treat!

Did that rock your socks off, too?

The band arrangements section of the album contains new recordings of "eScape" and "Amatsu Kaze" that wowed the audiences when they were first unveiled at the North American Fan Festival, as well as "Sunrise," sung by Suzaku's Japanese voice actress Yoshino Nanjo!

The ability to play these tracks while switching between live performance footage and in-game footage has been carried over from the last album! (Yes, you read that right!) You can also switch between 2.0ch and 5.1ch sound output!

And because good things should come in heaps - the album also contains tracks in MP3 format!*
(*Some tracks are not available as MP3)
(*The extra tracks do not support footage switching)

The first production run of the album includes in-game item codes that can be redeemed for Orchestrion Rolls for the following tracks:

• The Worm's Tail (Journeys Version)
• eScape (Journeys Version)

Check out the Square Enix Store for more details.

The launch of Shadowbringers is quickly approaching, so why not take this opportunity to treat yourself to wonderful piano pieces and cant-stop-dancing-to-this tracks with this album!

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- Lakukisu
European Community Team

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