Cloudy with a Chance of MGP

Hello, this is Sicycre from the Community team!

How's your summer going? The high temperatures will be with us for a while so be sure to stay hydrated, especially while you're playing FFXIV.

Even though the heat is definitely being brought, we're happy to announce that The Make It Rain Campaign will be starting soon!


Event Period
Monday, July 19 at 1:00 a.m. to Wednesday, August 11 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)

How to Participate
Speak with Ollier at Ul'dah: Steps of Nald (X:9.4, Y:9.2) to begin.

Quest: The Great Horn Heist
Ollier is in need of a helping hand.


◆ Event Reward

■ New Emote: Vexed


Want an emote to properly convey your irritation? Well, that frustration is over, and that emote is here... almost!

You can't exactly tell with just a static image, but the scribbly part is animated! It's a pretty comical expression that can be used in a variety of situations!




Aren't new emotes fun?
Remember to do this event quest because we definitely don't wanna see you vexed IRL.

Aside from this upcoming event quest, there's more to keep an eye out for.

◆ Earn 50% More MGP during the Event
During the event, any MGP you earn from the Gold Saucer is increased by 50%! There will also be a campaign attendant offering prizes for MGP exchange at discounted prices. It's a great opportunity to nab some prizes you've always wanted at a lower MGP price!

◆ Tip: Mini Cactpot
If you're after some MGP, I'd recommend the Mini Cactpot, a game of chance you can attempt three times a day!

Just FYI, though, these attempts reset at 8:00 a.m. (PDT)!


In case you haven't done this yet, let me give you a short brief on it.


Every ticket has nine spaces, each one numbered randomly from one to nine. At the start, however, one will be visible and the remaining eight spaces will be hidden. To begin, select three spaces from the eight hidden on your ticket.


Next, select one of eight line choices that go vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. When selecting a line, the sum of the three numbers in that line will determine the amount of MGP you receive.

In this example, we uncovered "2," "4," and "3"... Many people go for the 1-2-3 line (if viable) because it grants the highest payout at 10,000 MGP. And, with the 50% event bonus applied, that would be 15,000 MGP!



Did you end up getting baited by a number higher or lower than what you wanted...?
It's okay, it happens to the best of us, and soon there will be an emote for that!

Really though, some days you just want more chances to strike it big!

- Community team

View the Make It Rain Campaign special site.