Choose your Champminion!

Spoiler: This was posted on April 1st, so...happy April Fools' Day!

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here with some top secret information!

I received an anonymous tip from a source known as "Not Project Manager M" who did some snooping around Yoshi-P's office and discovered something wondrous!

What have we here? A screenshot of a herd of minions gathered in a familiar looking place.

Seeing this image and gripped by curiosity, I had "Not Project Manager M" dig deeper into the mountain of documents piled up in Yoshi-P's office. She stumbled even further down the rabbit hole with her next discovery. She found documents for new Manderville Gold Saucer content awaiting Yoshi-P's seal of approval - specifically involving minions! Putting two and two together, she quickly figured out something BIG was brewing.

Let's see, something about a proposal for new content by a "minion-loving programmer." Hm, they want to "implement something that the players have been clamoring for." A battle game featuring our "beloved minions!"

The next page is where our minds were blown into the stratosphere.
It seems like this programmer wants to implement a new RTS (real-time strategy) arcade-type game in the Gold Saucer wherein players will be able to battle using virtual images of their minions!

Virtual images of minions...
Virtual minions...
I see what you did there! A clever parody of "Lord of Vermillion," the trading card game made by Square Enix!

It appears that each of the adorable minions will have different parameters for things like hit points, attack power, defense rating, and movement speed.

Here you can see they even started drafting rules on how you play: You will be able assemble your own team of minions. Now, each minion has their own unique cost and feature (e.g. Baby Opo-Opo costs a lot of points to use, but they move very fast) so it will be up to you to decide how you want to build your team using the cost cap of 240 points. It appears the development team has done quite a bit of planning already, and has even gone as far as creating the actual content before receiving approval from Yoshi-P! (That probably isn't a good idea, right?)

I suppose this means I should really focus on collecting all the minions I'm missing right away! But wait, there's more!

"Not Project Manager M" shared her final discovery. An image of the ultimate minion!
Wind-up Viangaa (male and female)!

Brilliant idea, team! An RTS inside of an MMORPG could only be done with the Manderville Gold Saucer.
Now I wonder how Yoshi-P will respond to this proposal...

- Bayohne

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