My Funny Valentione

Greetings, everyone!

Love is beginning to fill the air in Eorzea, which can mean only one thing--Lisette de Valentione is coming to town for another Valentione's Day!

The season of expressing affection to your significant other or dearest friends is once again upon us, and there's a whole new line up of love-infused items available for taking part in the seasonal quests. As I'm sure everyone is lusting to get a sneak peek of the new items, I came fully prepared with goodies to share!

First up are the hats.

Here's the Black-feathered Flat Hat, which can be worn by males.

And the Red-feathered Flat Hat for females.

Both of these hats can be dyed to the color of your choosing, but only the fabric portion of the hat will change color. Though, let's be honest--it would be quite strange if a black-feathered hat had metallic blue feathers, so I can understand this design decision.

There are also two different types of earrings you can obtain: the Paramour's Earring (left) and the Platinum Paramour's Earring (right).

Overflowing with love, these heart motif earrings add a nice accent to glamours.

Finally, a seasonal event wouldn't be complete without the addition of new furnishings.

Here we have the Broken Heart Chair (Left) and Broken Heart Chair (Right).

Put them together and you get a full love seat! Well, you know what they say: two broken hearts make one true love... or something mushy like that.

And last but not least, the Paramour Bed! (A lot of jokes spring to mind--no pun intended--but I think I will refrain.)

For more details on Valentione's Day be sure to visit the seasonal event site!

Eorzea gets lovey-dovey tonight at midnight (PST)/08:00 (GMT), so be ready to discover your fate from Lady Lisette's entourage of fortune-tellers!

Adieu for now my sweethearts!