On Your Benchmark, Get Set, GO!

Hello, adventurers!

Lakukisu reporting in with exciting news - the benchmark software for Shadowbringers has been released!

The benchmark software trailer is also live, in case you don't have a PC that can run the program.

So, without further ado, let's get the benchmark software running!

(Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how cool the Warrior of Darkness is?)

When you start up the benchmark, you can customize:

Change Settings
You can change the system settings when you're starting the benchmark, this includes things like the quality of the graphics and the display resolution.

Character Creation
You can customize the main character that appears in the benchmark software. And you know what this means... show us your Hrothgar and Viera!

Naturally, both of the new races have their own unique customization options.


Check out these fur patterns!

These affect the pattern on the character's tail as well! So, when presented with all of these choices, will you go leopard-y or tiger-y?


Fur Color:

In addition to the skin color, you can change the color of both the fur and fur patterns!


Ear Shape:


Ear Length:

You can adjust the length of the ears to your liking using a slider! And, don't forget about the option to go for floppy ears!!!

In addition to what I've shared with you here, there are other options and hairstyles unique to these races, so by all means, go and create the best looking Viera or Hrothgar you can!

Also, with the release of this benchmark software, a feature has been added that allows you to mark your favorite hairstyles. This feature will be available when creating characters in the main game as well once patch 5.0 has released.

By right clicking the hairstyle icon, you can pin it, and a mark will appear at the top-right of the icon. You can then choose whether or not to display only pinned hairstyles by using the "Show Only Pinned Hairstyles" checkbox at the top.

* You can disregard the "Hide All Bangs" text implemented currently, because that appears to be a bug that needs squashing!

I can't decide which one of these hairstyles I should go with... Hmmm, what to do, what to do?
Let's see... what are my favorites again? Ah, that's right. Easy!

You can also choose from 25 other types of equipment when coordinating an outfit for your customized character.

Coordinate gear to your liking and press "Confirm" to start your benchmark adventure with the character you've created and the gear you've coordinated!




The character you've created will be among the first ones to step onto the stage that is Shadowbringers and begin the adventure.

New areas, new enemies, and new boss fights. Just what sort of adventures awaits the Warrior of Darkness in the First...?

There's only a little over a month before Shadowbringers is released!
Please enjoy this benchmark software as you let your imagination run wild with what is to come!

- Lakukisu
Community Team

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