Hammer of the P

Hello all! Fernehalwes here.

Last Friday, I had a hankering for a diet cherry Dr. Pepper, so I strolled on up to the company cafeteria, where I encountered the following...




Had Yoshi-P finally lost it, wielding what could only be the legendary Mjöolnir to exact bloody justice on the cafeteria’s oh-so rustic furnishings, as frightened bystanders scrambled to flee the chaos!?

Or it could be that he was merely using a giant wooden mallet in tandem with the sharply dressed gentleman in the foreground to pulverize a hot blob of glutinous rice resting inside a hollowed-out tree stump—all to make a tasty New Year’s treat for his loyal minions?

We may never know...
But at least I got my beverage.


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