Life's Greatest Rewards

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here, back after a short break, with some fun news to share with you all!

Today I'd like to discuss the Veteran Rewards program! The program rewards players that subscribe to the game for cumulative days (30, 60, and 90) with various in-game bonuses or goodies!

Here we can see these two have paid for at least 60 days of service, because they're sporting their fancy cascadier uniforms in black (60 days), and are joined by a black chocobo chick minion (60 days) and a wind-up cursor minion (30 days).


Oh cool, these two enjoyed the game so much they subbed for a total of 90 days and earned an ahriman mount and the beady eye minion! Adorable and frightening at the same time!


I wonder what else will be added to the veteran rewards program in the future!

- Bayohne

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