Yoshi-P's European (Work) Vacation

Greetings, everyone!

Shhh... We can't type too loudly because Bayohne just stepped away and we here on the European Community Team took the opportunity to hijack the English blog!

You see, Yoshi-P recently travelled to Europe to attend meetings in the London office and we thought it'd be nice to let you know what went on.

Yoshida and the team had meetings over the course of several days in which a variety of topics were covered, including the launch and promotion of the PS4 version and discussions about the global fan event briefly mentioned in the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part X.

Here's a few snaps for you to enjoy!

Yoshi-P taking a quick break between meetings (probably PvPing...).

This was his first visit to Europe since the game's release, so he gave a speech to the Community, Operations Support and QA teams.

And lastly, the group photo!

Now the European teams are even more excited about giving it our all for adventurers around the world!

Eep! We gotta go, we hear Bayohne coming back!

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