Aetheryte Attuned: Hamburg, Germany

Greetings, everyone!

You may have read in the recent Letter from the Producer that Yoshida would be going on a global tour to meet with media and show off the PlayStation 4 version of FFXIV. Well, the trip is underway and the first stop is... Hamburg, Germany!

Heading toward the venue...

This looks very normal from the outside...

But...BAM! A media check in area!

Heading downstairs now...
Wow! It's like an underground base in Camp Dragonhead!

Here's the presentation room!

Here's where media can get hands-on with the PS4 version!

Here's the stylish interview room!

We also had really cool items that look like they came right out of Eorzea!

And then... Foxclon and Yoshida...

"There can be only one!" How do these two have such important responsibilities...

We'll see you next time with our report from Paris, France!

- Bayohne

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