Your installation looks to be finished, so let's get started with registration. You'll need a Square Enix account, kupo.

A Square Enix account? What if I don't have one?

You can make an account during the registration process, so there's no need to worry, kupo!

A Square Enix account is a free service provided for authentication of all Square Enix online services.
* Proceed to the Square Enix account page for details.

Now that the game is installed, there should be an icon for FINAL FANTASY XIV on the home screen. Go ahead and try selecting it, kupo.

Oh, what's this screen for?

Here you can complete registration to begin playing, as well as update the game, and receive all the latest information on FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Whoa, slow down!

It's actually much simpler than it sounds, kupo.
Just follow the instructions that appear in the window, and you'll be playing in no time, kupo!

Before I forget, did you need to create a Square Enix account, kupo?