Between a Golem and a Hard Place

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here, back with another peek at the upcoming collab events hitting FFXIV!

Today we'll be looking at the DRAGON QUEST X portion of the fun!

You'll need to muster your courage as you prepare to take on golems that are wreaking havoc around Eorzea, but your efforts will be duly rewarded with...

a golem minion of your own! And...

this fan-favorite mask worn by many a 'thuggish' NPC in the series!

You'll probably need to bulk up a lot to look as good as he does though...

But maybe you'll catch a few looks from the ladies if you do!

Read up on the excitement planned for the DRAGON QUEST X collaboration event!

And don't miss the details on the FINAL FANTASY XI collaboration event!

January 21st can't come soon enough!
- Bayohne

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