Eorzea's Funniest Home Videos

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here, still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after finishing off the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE!

Were you able to tune in and watch along with your fellow adventurers? If you did, I'm sure you remember the two new videos we introduced! If you didn't, you'll definitely want to check these out!

The latest edition of the Eorzea Collection and this time it features special guests!

We also had main scenario writer Kazutoyo Maehiro on the show, who brought with him a special video (and of course, Soken went crazy with the music...)!

Also, in case you didn't hear the news, we've posted a portion of the Patch 2.2 patch notes! Give them a look over!

- Bayohne

05/27/2014Having a Gae Old Time

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05/22/2014You Obtain an Unfinished Gae Bolg
05/21/2014A Realm Retrospective
05/14/2014Lyrics of the Whorl
05/08/2014Under the HUD