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Patch 6.51 Adjustments Overview

As win rates across the ranks have settled into a consistent pattern, we've taken a look at jobs with room for improvement and made some adjustments. The new stage added in Patch 6.51 is expected to shift the balance of power, however, so we have kept these changes relatively minor.

For the past two seasons we've been enhancing the paladin's offensive capabilities, but believe the job could still use some tuning. To that end, we've changed gears to focus on the paladin's definitive role─protecting others─and increased the amount of healing received when attacking a target marked with Sacred Claim.
Since the charge time of Seiton Tenchu was extended in Patch 6.4, ninja has seen a drop in win rates and usage across all tiers. Unless Seiton Tenchu triggered the effect wherein a foe below 50% HP is incapacitated, the limit break's result was underwhelming relative to the time required to fill the gauge. As such, the base potency of this ability has been increased.
Additionally, the potency of Doton has been increased to make it a viable choice amongst the ninjutsu used for any given situation.
As sage win rates have fallen behind the other healing jobs, we've made improvements to both its offensive and defensive power.
From an offensive standpoint, sage is already capable of respectable burst, so to avoid overtuning the job's damage output, we decided to increase the duration of the damage over time component of Eukrasian Dosis III.
Defensively, we've strengthened the Haima barrier granted by Pneuma while at the same time reducing the maximum number of Haimatinon stacks to avoid an excessively high amount of overall barrier strength.

Patch 6.55 Adjustments Overview

For this round of adjustments, we've focused primarily on tuning jobs that see low usage rates in ranked matches. We've also chosen to address the exceedingly powerful synergy between white mage and bard, which stems from both jobs having effective strategies for impeding enemies and countering status afflictions. To this end, we've made adjustments to balance white mage and bard performance, and ensure a wider variety of job synergies are effective. Additionally, by removing the requirements for granting Resilience when using Purify, we hope to streamline the ability and give players more options to effectively counter status afflictions.

Despite ongoing tuning, paladin's usage and win rates in ranked matches remain relatively low. To help emphasize paladin's defining role, we've restored the effectiveness of Knight's Resolve to its original pre-adjustment state.
Monk maintains its impressive win rate in higher tier ranked matches. One factor accounting for this is monk's considerable damage mitigation. To tone this down, we've adjusted the effect duration of Earth Resonance.
Compared with other melee DPS jobs, ninja's damage output is relatively low. Without wishing to overtune ninja's capabilities, we've increased the effect radius for Goka Mekkyaku, thereby improving its utility as an area of effect attack.
We've noted that in some cases, it is impossible to expend all accumulated stacks while under the effect of Enshrouded. As such, we've increased its duration.
We've adjusted Empyreal Arrow and Silent Nocturne to reduce each ability's respective impact on burst damage output, as well as reduced the effect duration of the Warden's Paean. To avoid simply weakening the job, we've also increased the potency of Blast Arrow and reduced the recast time of The Warden's Paean. Our intention is to highlight the bard's distinctive combination of powerful weaponskills and support capabilities.
Honing Ovation becomes more potent depending on the number of stacks accumulated at the time of execution. On reflection, we've decided that the potency increases were underwhelming relative to the requirements and have boosted the overall effectiveness of this ability.
Black Mage
Relative to other jobs, black mage has limited defensive capabilities and struggles to deal with burst damage. We were concerned that bolstering damage mitigation by tuning black mage's actions might make the job too powerful, so we opted for a maximum HP increase instead.
White Mage
Not only can Miracle of Nature underpin remarkable burst damage output with proper coordination, but white mage has seen consistently high usage and win rates in ranked matches. To that end, we've reduced the potency of Miracle of Nature by adjusting its recast time.

Patch 6.58 Adjustments Overview

While usage rates for paladin and dancer have improved after the adjustments made in Patch 6.55, we believe the utility of their defensive abilities has increased to a degree that requires adjustment.

Self-defense has been tempered with adjustments to Holy Sheltron, but overall proficiency in protecting party members remains unchanged. Furthermore, to ensure paladins continue to contribute offensively, we've increased the potency of their area of effect attacks.
While usage rates for dancer have improved, their win rate in higher tier matches is now greater than anticipated. As such, we have reverted changes to Honing Ovation's barrier strength, while maintaining its improved attack potency.
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