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PvP makes use of specialized actions separate from those used in PvE. Knowing how they differ will be key to drawing out the full potential of your favorite jobs and overcoming your rivals.

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Patch 6.2 Adjustments Overview

While all jobs are fairly balanced with regards to win rates, we believe some rely too heavily on the use of specific actions. The adjustments made in this update aim to redistribute the strength of these specific actions to a wider range of abilities in each job's repertoire. We have implemented general improvements to jobs with lower win rates, increased damage mitigation of melee jobs, and extended the grace period for executing combos to improve ease of combat.

We initially reduced the effectiveness of certain actions in light of warrior's high performance shortly after the release of Patch 6.1. However, because their win rate has dropped below what we believe to be an acceptable level, we will be making further adjustments.

While actions such as Onslaught and Orogeny are powerful, we believe warrior has difficulty compensating for the HP consumed to execute them, which is why we increased the HP absorption of Bloodwhetting. This change should improve their overall performance as tanks.
By reducing its recast time to match that of Junctioned Cast, Draw and Junction will become easier to use, thereby increasing the frequency with which Burst Strike can be triggered. We believe this will improve the offense, defense, and healing of gunbreaker.
Meteodrive’s ability to easily KO opponents when used in conjunction with other actions can greatly influence the outcome of a match. While we did consider lowering the potency of this attack, in the end we chose to adjust the rate at which it can be charged to try and preserve monk’s distinctive playstyle and feel.
We made adjustments to help offset the increased damage taken after the execution of Geirskogul.
While Seiton Tenchu is one of ninja's job-defining actions, its ability to sway a match is too high. The adjustment made this patch serves to maintain the job's distinctive playstyle while making it more difficult to score consecutive KOs.
The adjustments to samurai serve to increase damage mitigation. While this indirectly allows samurai to place greater pressure on their opponents with Zantetsuken, we feel it is within an acceptable limit.
Machinist is one of the most highly used jobs, and the combination of Analysis with Chain Saw to potentially KO enemies in a single hit has become a source of frustration in matches. For this reason, we have lowered the potency of Chain Saw.
While we are satisfied with the offensive ability of summoner, we felt their ability to support the party was slightly lacking, which is why we made changes to Slipstream.
White Mage
Noting the drop in win rates for white mage, we decided to make several adjustments to improve its offensive and defensive abilities. Looking at Miracle of Nature specifically, while this is one of the defining actions of the job, we felt it was overperforming, which is why we reduced its range.
Noting its very high win rate, we decided to make adjustments to scholar. The ability to spread the effects of Adloquium and Biolysis through the use of Deployment Tactics is one of scholar's defining traits. Moreover, a skilled scholar can continuously apply these effects with careful attention to timing. It is for this reason we decided to adjust the potency, rather than effect duration, of these actions.
We have changed the card actions used by astrologian. The Spire's dependency on luck stood out to us, which is why we replaced its effect with a more straightforward card action. The Ewer, while effective, was only useful in certain situations, which is why we replaced it with a card that can be used in a variety of situations.

Patch 6.28 Adjustments Overview

Win rate balance across all tiers of Crystalline Conflict has improved considerably for matches between competitors of differing jobs. As precise adjustments were the goal of this update, we made changes according to win rates in the highest tiers. Due to the nature of minor patches, larger adjustments would have been difficult to implement in Patch 6.28, so we have only adjusted potency numbers. More significant changes are planned for Patch 6.3.

Dark Knight
Eventide has a very powerful effect that prevents HP from be reduced to zero, and the frequency with which it can be used is quite high. Because matches have a tendency to be longer, we have adjusted the rate at which the limit gauge fills. This change is offset by expanding the range of its potency, resulting in a potency increase when dark knight's HP is low.
Because we felt Relentless Rush lacked utility only being used in an offensive capacity, the Relentless Shrapnel effect has been adjusted to also reduce the damage dealt by enemies. We have also increased the damage potency of Nebula, as well as the healing potency of Aurora, to better gunbreaker's performance as a tank and improve their win rate. Additionally, we have improved the usability of Junction Healer by allowing it to be applied to targets regardless of obstructions breaking line of sight.
In Patch 6.2, we reduced the frequency with which monk could use Meteodive. To improve DPS rotations when the limit gauge is not available, we have reduced the recast time for Riddle of Earth. To further improve the merit of using full combos against enemies, we have also increased the potency of Snap Punch and Demolish. By strengthening actions in the middle of the combo rather than the final action, we believe players can more readily adapt to a variety of situations.
Ninja has exceptional defensive capabilities, so to prevent contribution to win rates by simply escaping enemies, we have decided to make adjustments to Shukuchi and Huton.
To improve bard's overall combat capability, we've increased their walking speed when casting, allowing them to more easily position themselves when attacking.
We have increased machinist's walking speed when casting, allowing them to more easily position themselves when attacking. It is relatively easy to avoid attacks from the Bishop Autoturret after confirming where it has been placed, making it difficult for machinists to benefit from its effect that increases damage taken by targets. To offer a greater benefit from this effect, even if it can only be applied once, we have increased its duration.
Honing Dance is an attack that must be used in close quarters, but we felt the risk outweighed the reward. To allow dancer to use this action more reliably, we have increased its damage reduction effect.
Black Mage
In light of their relatively high win rate in higher tiers, we have decide to make adjustments to black mage. Rather than lower their attack, however, we have lowered their defensive abilities. This will ensure greater risk in the actions they take, and allow opponents to strategize more effectively.
Although summoner's limit break strikes a large area, there are instances where objects on the field obstruct the attack, preventing it from dealing damage. We have made adjustments to ensure the limit break will hit targets regardless of any obstructions in the area of effect. Furthermore, because summoner has a relatively low win rate in higher tiers, we have increased the potency of their basic attacks.
Red Mage
Red mage is a job whose win rate was much higher than we anticipated. We believe the reason for this is the large area of effect and high utility of both Magick Barrier and Frazzle. Because of this, we have reduced the duration and potency of their effects. However, we also wished to improve the ease of use of Frazzle, which is why we made adjustments to ensure it will apply to targets regardless of any obstructions in its area of effect.
White Mage
The win rate for white mage increased significantly since the last update, but we believe their present win rate to be slightly higher than intended. Rather than reduce their ability to heal, we have reduced the range of one powerful attack and one debuff action, requiring white mage to take greater risks when going on the offensive.
To improve the usability of astrologian's card actions, we have made adjustments to ensure their effects will be applied to targets regardless of obstructions breaking line of sight when executed.