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Master exclusive PvP actions, and battle your way to victory!

PvP makes use of specialized actions separate from those used in PvE. Knowing how they differ will be key to drawing out the full potential of your favorite jobs and overcoming your rivals.

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Patch 6.3 Adjustments Overview

We have made adjustments to improve the playability of several jobs, while also addressing others that appeared to be overperforming in higher tiers. With a new stage being added for Crystalline Conflict in Patch 6.3, we expect to see changes in the power dynamic between jobs, but we will continue to monitor the situation and consider further adjustments as needed.

Orogeny is a powerful attack whose potency increases as it consumes HP, but we believe its demerits outweighed the benefits for a job meant to fight on the front lines. To remedy this, we have lowered its HP consumption while keeping the same attack potency.
Dark Knight
The draw-in effect of Salted Earth in conjunction with the bind effect of Salt and Darkness is a very effective combination for locking down multiple targets. Because it is so powerful, however, we have adjusted the duration of Salt and Darkness's bind effect.
We felt that the benefits of Aurora were relatively less tangible than other actions used under the effect of Draw and Junction, such as Nebula and Blasting Zone, which is why we increased the potency of its immediate healing effect. Because we believe gunbreaker had achieved an acceptable balance as of Patch 6.28, however, we have slightly reduced the potency of its regen effect to maintain its overall healing capabilities.
Although we made adjustments to address ninja's defensive capabilities in Patch 6.28, their performance is still higher than expected. As such, we have increased the recast time of Shukuchi and reduced the duration of Death Link to lessen the latter's impact on the precision required of higher tier matches.
We found that bard's limit break ability was relatively less impactful than other jobs, which is why we made adjustments to improve its potency and utility. We believe these changes will allow bard to support their team in a wider range of situations, such as extending effects to teammates recently returned to the fray, or when on the defensive.
We increased the duration of the Arrow to match that of other cards and improve the tangibility of its effectiveness. We've also noticed a decline in the use of astrologian's limit break since Patch 6.2 and the removal of the Spire, which was used to fill the limit gauge. To compensate for this, we've shortened the time required to charge astrologian's limit break.
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