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PvP makes use of specialized actions separate from those used in PvE. Knowing how they differ will be key to drawing out the full potential of your favorite jobs and overcoming your rivals.

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Patch 6.51 Adjustments Overview

As win rates across the ranks have settled into a consistent pattern, we've taken a look at jobs with room for improvement and made some adjustments. The new stage added in Patch 6.51 is expected to shift the balance of power, however, so we have kept these changes relatively minor.

For the past two seasons we've been enhancing the paladin's offensive capabilities, but believe the job could still use some tuning. To that end, we've changed gears to focus on the paladin's definitive role─protecting others─and increased the amount of healing received when attacking a target marked with Sacred Claim.
Since the charge time of Seiton Tenchu was extended in Patch 6.4, ninja has seen a drop in win rates and usage across all tiers. Unless Seiton Tenchu triggered the effect wherein a foe below 50% HP is incapacitated, the limit break's result was underwhelming relative to the time required to fill the gauge. As such, the base potency of this ability has been increased.
Additionally, the potency of Doton has been increased to make it a viable choice amongst the ninjutsu used for any given situation.
As sage win rates have fallen behind the other healing jobs, we've made improvements to both its offensive and defensive power.
From an offensive standpoint, sage is already capable of respectable burst, so to avoid overtuning the job's damage output, we decided to increase the duration of the damage over time component of Eukrasian Dosis III.
Defensively, we've strengthened the Haima barrier granted by Pneuma while at the same time reducing the maximum number of Haimatinon stacks to avoid an excessively high amount of overall barrier strength.
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