We Don't Need Any Roads

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here with a look at some of the goodies you'll find in the Heavensward Collector's Edition (digital and physical)!

First off, you'll be able to ride around on one these majestic flying griffin mounts!

During the Letter from the Producer LIVE special edition, Yoshida showed off the highly sought-after expertly-crafted dragon mount figure. We figured we could take an even closer look here (once we free it from its plastic prison).

You can really tell that a lot of hard work (and love) was put into getting the details just right when you see it up close.

I'm already thinking about where I'll place this on my desk!

The dragon figure will be included in the physical Collector's Edition alongside a Heavensward art book and a special A Realm Reborn blu-ray (featuring trailers and promo videos in HD from ARR). Of course there will also be in-game bonus items like the griffin flying mount, the dark knight Cecil-themed baron helm, wind-up Kain minion and a phial of Fantasia. Users that purchase the digital Collector's Edition will receive all the in-game bonus items!

I think you'll all agree how fun it is to fly through the sky once you're able to try it yourself! (Of course, you'll need to meet some requirements first to be able to fly in Heavensward areas.)

I was actually surprised at how quickly I acclimated to flying through the sky. I'm sure you'll all be able to become experts fairly quickly!

Swooping down from on high and scaring your prey (or in my case—lalafells) is truly exhilarating! My fellow Community team members are already thinking about how we can fly in cool formations ("Flying V!")!

If you're interested in the Collector's Edition, you're now able to pre-order (either the physical or digital version) and also receive awesome pre-order bonuses!

Visit the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward teaser website for more information!
- Bayohne