Adventurers Are So Hot Right Now

Greetings, everyone.

Fashion police officer Camate reporting in!

The weather this winter is chilly, but luckily the fashion and style of Eorzea is as hot as ever this season!

The Eorzea 2016W Collection video was shown off during Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVII the other day, but it's now available for your viewing pleasure. The fashion focused a lot on the cool fads of Patch 3.15, but if you keep an eye out, you'll discover some of the equipment that's coming in Patch 3.2 as well!

Did you find any?

For those of you who play these jobs normally, you might have noticed that there were some different animations in there as well. If you did, check your forehead for a Garlean third eye, because you're right! In addition to a couple new fashion flashes here and there, we also teased some of the new animations coming in Patch 3.2.

Patch 3.2 is coming soon, but in the meantime, try to hunt down all the Easter eggs in the video!