Greetings, everyone!

Camate here playing fashionista for a bit to introduce the hottest glamour Eorzea has ever laid eyes on! And by hot, I mean that summer is coming and you need to be prepared to cool down with our summer fashion line!

Yoshi-P quickly flashed a couple of snapshots of dancer-like clothing during Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXI, but I've assembled the best glamour models of Ishgard so we can take a better look at this equipment that is available in Heavensward!

Coming down the catwalk and striking the "Stayin' Alive (in Ishgard)" pose, this Lalafell is donning the male version of this light and airy clothing.

The head piece comes fully equipped with the ability to veil and unveil your face by using the /visor command.

The male model brigade of Ishgard representing (nearly all of) the races.

Now for the ladies...

This summer line comes in a variety of colors (as long as you have the dyes, of course!), so let's take a look at some different hues.

Appropriate for the snow packed Ishgard, here we have a cool color.

Heading out for a night in the city-state? Black and white dyes are sure to keep it classy.

You won't be able to walk around Ishgard and not be noticed when wearing red!

Naturally, the color can be changed for the male version of this equipment as well!

I'm looking forward to glamouring my character with the black version. Wearing this equipment in Ishgard and freezing to death is a small price to pay for fashion!

- Camate