Cologne Aftershave

Greetings, everyone!
Camate here back from an intense week of PAX Prime! Before we actually take a look at what went on at PAX Prime this year, I have a couple of videos and photos to share that showcase the fun and excitement that took place at gamescom 2015.

▼gamescom 2015 retrospective

▼Fan gathering at gamescom

If you aren't in the loop about what went down at gamescom 2015, make sure to check out our past blog entries for all the gamescom 2015 coverage.
Cologne for Gamers
Cologne for Gamers, Part Zwei

Thanks so much for all the great memories, Germany!

We'll be seeing you next year!

Oh yeah! I nearly forgot to share, but the team received some very special Triple Triad cards at the venue.

I wonder how we should use 'em...