Who Wants to be a Minionaire?

Greetings, everyone!

It's nearly time to make a mad dash to the Gold Saucer and put all the minions you've collected to work in order to destroy Arcana Stones! While the maintenance for Patch 3.1 is underway, I'd like to share a bit more about what you can do in Lord of Verminion.

Lord of Verminion awaits challengers in the Chocobo Square section of the Gold Saucer.
(By the way, both Out on a Limb and The Finer Miner can be found here as well, so you might as well bring a sleeping bag because you won't want to leave!)

When you first start Lord of Verminion, I recommend trying out the Verminion Challenge mode. This is a mode that you can enjoy solo, and the first portion of it will teach you about the game through a tutorial. Get a feel for the content and familiarize yourself with the controls.

Once the tutorial is finished, you'll unlock the second portion of Verminion Challenge mode. After completing this you will be able to face-off against other adventurers! Those brave enough to pit their minions against others can do so immediately after finishing the second part of Verminion Challenge mode, but you're also free to continue on with the challenges.

Besides just the basic tutorial, you'll also be able to learn a wealth of strategy tips from Verminion Challenge mode, so if you're aspiring to become a true competitor, you might just want to play through this mode to soak up all you can. While you'll only be able to receive rewards once for each portion of Verminion Challenge mode, once you complete a stage you'll be able to replay it as many times as you like (including the tutorial)!

The fundamental rule for Lord of Verminion is to destroy your opponent's Arcana Stones, but in Verminion Challenge mode there are also special stages with bosses you need to defeat as well. Like this guy here...

Time to knock him off his high horse!

As mentioned during the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXV, not having rare or special bonus minions doesn't mean that you can't win, so have fun using the minions you've found thus far! You also might just find that you start loving certain minions more than before when using them in Lord of Verminion.

More information on Lord of Verminion can be found on
the Lodestone

Oh, by the way! Two new FFXIV-related cards, Ifrit and Ravana, will be added to "Lord of Vermillion Re: 3" next week. The artwork featured on these cards looks great!

Hang in there! The wait for Patch 3.1 is just about over!