Slime and Punishment

Greetings, everyone!
Slimey Bayohne here!

I don't know if you've heard, but soon FFXIV will be overrun by slimes! With, uh, tiny hands on their sides?

Oh, of course, it's just Project Manager M showing off the new King Slime crown!

In case you've been living in a cave (or on a mountain top?), the Dragon Quest X collaboration event "Breaking Brick Mountains" will soon be here!

As a special bonus, we'll be offering the King Slime Crown to adventurers around the realm!

Isn't it adorable?

Oh, and hi there wind-up Greg!
Er, I mean, wind-up Gilgamesh!

Just how do you obtain this highly sought after new companion?

He's part of the Veteran Reward program! You can earn him, and a painting of Hildibrand and Nashu, at the 540-day tier!

Can't wait to see King Slimes and wind-up Gilgamesh running around Eorzea!
- Bayohne (doesn't have that many days yet...)