The Sweetest Chocobo Ever!

Hello everyone, this is Kahuna speaking, straight from the London office!

It's FINAL FANTASY XIV's third anniversary!

Everyone knows that anniversaries are amazing and we are celebrating in many ways this year.
There's The Rising in-game event that started this morning, and our Japanese colleagues in Tokyo are working hard on the 14 hour livestream marathon. But everyone knows that there's one more reason why anniversaries rock!

FOOD! It's all about the food! Glorious, scrumptious, delicious, exquisite, delectable, rich, luscious, and all around simply tasty food. You're invited to dinner, you're having a big buffet for your party guests - you get the drift.

So, of course we couldn't just sit still either. We're office workers in London! The usual sandwich and a pack of crisps just didn't cut it this time.

This is exactly why we have to share with you - THE FAT CHOCOBO CAKE!


LOOK AT THIS! I mean, seriously - check out the amazing details! And yes - pretty much all of it is edible!


Yes - every single feather is edible. And so is the Black Mage on the back, which has been modelled entirely from Marzipan!

Of course, our Fat Chocobo also has a lovely, yummy hiney!


Just look at that! Those lovely, shiny tail feathers mark a Chocobo of the highest pedigree!

But who are we to judge a book by its cover. We all know it's what's inside that counts!

And what an inside it was. The icing feathers on the front hid away a lovely marshmallow and puffed rice layer, covering a scrumptious sponge centre.

And the rear end? Under the feathers hid a most chocolatey layer over a sponge cake - which itself was layered with cream and raspberries!

We actually took photos - but then decided that we want you to remember our delicious Chocobo friend the way he was, without half of him sliced off.

And believe me when I tell you that we appreciated every square centimeter of his magnificent existence. And we can't wait until next year - we have to top this, somehow!


All of us (me included, although I'm missing on the picture) are looking forward to the fourth year with the best community we could wish for, on an amazing game.

All the best,