Thanks for the Memories

Greetings, everyone!

A few weeks back when the FFXIV team took a trip down to Guadalajara, Mexico, no one was sure what to expect from their first Campus Party experience. As you could see in the previous blogs (Part 1 | Part 2), everyone had an amazing time, and they were all moved by how much energy was exuded by fans.

The passion and support from all who attended was a great joy for the team, and they are very much looking forward to another opportunity to head back if given the chance.

Pictures speak much louder than words, but a video is much more appropriate for times like this to illustrate just how fantastic everyone was at Campus Party 2016. So without further ado, I'd like to share an energy-filled recap video of the event!

Thanks to everyone in Guadalajara for being awesome hosts to the team and also to all the fans who showed their support!